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About Deviant ... wishes he knew Tagalog.Male/United States Recent Activity
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... wishes he knew Tagalog.
United States
Current Residence: Waxahachie, Texas
Favourite genre of music: Whatever genre the bands listed above are
Favourite photographer: Someone who has a camera
Favourite style of art: Anything that looks good
Operating System: How should I know?
MP3 player of choice: Mario Party 3? I guess the Millenium Star..... He's evil.
Shell of choice: Does it have to be?
Wallpaper of choice: none at the moment
Skin of choice: none I guess
Favourite cartoon character: I don't know...
Personal Quote: I have sick fancies.
People who I have devwatched:  Alphabetical order
:iconadvancex:- AdvancedPKMNTrainer
:iconakelataka:- Weehee!
:iconaltered-worlds:- a devoted fan of Good Charlotte
:iconanjilasaurus:- loves Yoshiken!
:iconbakura-lover:- will work for food
:iconbilashakala:- ... is a big cat artist
:iconblueeyeswhitedragon:- Young Dragon fan of Yugi and Slifer
:iconbrawlkoopa:- On Fire
:iconcarinat:- A loyal Ash+Misty shipper
:iconcelticmagician:- The Random Otaku
:iconchancake:- ate your lunch
:iconchernobylpets:- "Did not eat your luch *_* ......but would love to have YOU for lunch."
:iconchetrippo:- RingRingRingRingRingRingRing, Banana Phone!
:iconchibi-jen-hen:- Is very honored to be watched
:iconbettykwong:- The Chibi Artist!
:iconclydefrosch:- OMG, Smile, Peoplez!! L0L
:iconphasechan:- Sith Mistress (and devoted Yu-Gi-Oh fan!)
:icondaisyofsarasaland:- That one girl who drew that one pic that one time
:icondarkfeather:- Lugia Obsessor
:icondarklink570:- I don't have much to say
:icondarkserena:- Varied artist with much look at
:icondigitalyoshi:- Socially inept
:icondjdunne:- insane malik fanboy :3
:icondragonfly272:- the perverted one o.O WITH SHARPIES! >_<
:iconfai-ness:- Malik and Albel Crazy
:icongilbertman:- gotta draw 'em all
:icongrayfox-san:- peace of mind, ease my mind.  
:iconhail-nekoyasha:- Ultimate Zelda Nerd!
:iconheyupikachu:- advanceshipper artist.  I'm a rabid Seto fan and Ash/May fan
:iconhonda-thoru:- warning will stab hyper fangirls
:iconhuihua:- A Mashi Maru Munching on a mushy mushroom marshmallow sitting on a mushy marshmallow moshi
:iconjiayi:- a good artist
:iconnicolewykes:- My Chemical Romance and Yu-Gi-Oh worshiper :worship:
:iconkarasz87:- Mario Maniac
:iconkarioudo:- Obsessed Forte fangirl
:iconkasarawolf:- Is the crazy anime fanatic!
:iconkasarawolftheoutcast:- is an insane freak that likes making anime music videos
:iconkaya-kioko:- Has a crotch on her icon <3
:iconkazzisato:- Glass Doors
:iconkuroi-fayth:- Fades in and out of a dream
:iconkyrara:- =Is a pokemon obsessed artist=
:iconlegendary-darkness:- Just your average weirdo! x3
:iconlittle-yugi:- a YugiOh artist
:iconlohlite:- ..::Comic Series Artist::..
:iconluigiuser:- wants to be princess daisy's boyfriend" :blushes::love: LuigiUser --> :date: <-- Princess Daisy
:iconmachaphasesix:- The Puppet
:iconmachine-guts:- Conceptual Fantasy Art by Tracy Trowbridge
:iconmattgreen:- Dorkus-malorkus
:iconmilesyoshidino34:- Overwhelms himself with his bad art
:iconmingming07:- is a Yugioh! and Dragonball artist.....with a twist of cutie shoujo-style to her works. Fanarts are abundant in number in her gallery, but there are also a number of original anime works.....
:iconmooguriklaine:- The legendary sucker who didn't know how to draw a star back in her kindergarten days. Still a sucker, but she can draw stars now, among other things.
:iconnic-sama:- just an average artist, amongst artists
:iconpdutogepi:- The Fanartist with no life
:iconpeachifruit:- Obsessive fanartist
:iconpharaohatislioness:- A Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Forever
:iconpharaohslady:- supporter of tradtional art because she can't do CGI
:iconpikabloo:- It's Hamtaro Time!
:iconpokesafari:- varied artist
:iconpurple-insanity:- Insane Pokemon Artist
:iconracieb:- Has a love-hate relationship with bees
:iconraijimagiwind:- Anime freak, Sephiroth nut, and RPG manic
:iconryo-hakkai:- An average person
:iconscarlet-rose:- is an anime artist
:iconsilveremerald-das:- Rabid bishie fangirl/fanartist with a split-personality fetish!
:iconsilverfire-giyon:- The One True Wuss.
:iconslifertheskydragon:- not crazy- mentally unstable.
:iconslipknot3000:- You Cannot Kill What You Did Not Create!
:iconsmashsweetie:- Nintendo loving artist
:iconsoggycereal:- Proud Kanemaru Jun'ichi fan!
:icononekatie:- fanart whore
:iconstardroidjean:- Come here if you like Pokemon, Klonoa, Final Fantasy and more
:iconstreetdrif:- likes street racing illegally
:icont-koopa:- crazy Bowser-fan
:icontailsfan:- Proud being a darkloid
:iconteejii:- Loves Pokémon and Sonic
:iconteh-yoshi:- Wishes he knew Tagalog as well. Also needs to draw more...
:icontenshi-no-hikari:- obsessed with Dartz, Sesshoumaru and Rosiel
:iconterriermon:- Jumping from One Obsession to the Next
:iconthefuzz2004:- Obsessed with Green Day
:iconthewax:- Megaman/Sonic animator
:icontoadsiliwraith:- pencil artist
:icontoastypk:- Loyal Nintendo and Mario series fan and fanartist.
:icontoon-maha-vailo:- Pirate Planner
:icontouzoku-joou:- A fan. A girl. But, thank heavens, not a fangirl
:icondanschoening:- Thanks for the props!  Nintendo Nerd
:iconvegala:- The improving art student
:iconwaluigipenguin8:- wa wa wa wawawa(how about #1 penguin?):tux:
:iconyami-yugi-chan:- Setobsessed.  Random Dragon Lover
:iconyamiko-yakou:- Your everyday thoroughly brainwashed YGO Fangirl.
:iconyamirenamon:- Anime Crossover Artist
:iconyamiyami:- The Yaoi-Loving, Drama CD voicing, artist from Canada!
:iconyanya:- Crazy Dragon fan of Malik and Ra
:iconyayster:- draws fanart from Pokémon and other fandoms, mostly using digital techniques
:iconyuina19:- draws loads of pretty girls....... and boys too you know :heart: :heart:
:iconzaikudo:- SD/mecha artist
:iconzeroxshadow:- The psychotic idiot!! :3

Note me if you want to change the note right next to your icon.
Clubs that I am in:
:iconchaosbrosclub:  :icondafilipinos:  :icondannyphantom:  :iconeeveelution-club:  :iconfob-club:  :icongreendayfanatics:  :icongx-club:  :iconlatios-latiasfc:  :iconfullmetal-alchemists:  :iconmcr-fan-club:  :iconnintendo-fc:  :iconnt-warrior-club:  :iconosirisredclub:  :iconpapermarioclub:  :iconpointyhairluv:  :iconpokedorks:  :iconpokelegendsclub:  :iconpokemonforever:  :iconshadow-lugia-club:  :iconsupersmashbrosclub:  :iconthe-yugi-poke-club:  :iconx-naut-legion:  :iconxiaolin-showdown:  :iconygo-gx:  :iconyoshies:  :iconyugi-lovers-club:  :iconyugiohfanatics:  :iconyugiohgx:

Clubs that I want to be in:

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